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  • Day-Evening-Weekend classes
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  • Job assistance/Hot job market
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On your career development plans.

We welcome you at our Web site and ready to go ahead with your plans, and will be ready to be a part of your project……in a win…win situation.

RealTech Business School, Inc. is providing training in various specialized accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and taxation cources, and can help you to choose the most suitable fit into your background, goals, budget, time, taste, current job, change of job, growth at current job, switching employment and several other personal factors those you can share without any hesitation and obligation.

Why Accounting Programs only…

Training in accounting and taxation programs is big challenge and is considered to be hard to teach and hard to learn for some people. But at the same time it has a vast and ever growing job market. Accounting profession is a secure and growing area. One can start from entry level and be a Staff Accountant. Promotional opportunities are great. Accountant and Bookkeeper work in very professional and office environment some time it is called 9 To 5 job, Saturday-Sunday closed, no night shifts or odd hours, and can avail with all health insurance and other corporate benefits.

Accounting Profession sound hard and complicated to some people. But be confident it is not….you need little dedication and interest, we will never let you down. Accounting Profession has been divided in several segments and components such as Data Entry, Bookkeeping, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Billing, Bank Reconciliation, Payroll Accounting etc. at entry level and full charge bookkeeping, public accounting, staff accounting, finance controlling, financial statements & auditing etc. at higher end.

Realtech Business School was able to select some of the accounting functions segments and has introduced programs accordingly to the best suiting for accounting profession, employers’ needs, market needs, easy to learn and easy to perform.

We are fully prepared to train you for accounting position just waiting for your visit to us. Your one visit can open a new door for new career, change of career or career development.

Once again thank you for considering RealTech Business School an institution for your career objectives.

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