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Students' Testimonies

Recently Graduated Students

I got the individual attention and answer to all my questions by the expert teaching staff and instructors. I got the skills that I needed to work on an accounting position

(Irena Dlindzeletine, Accounting Software-Advanced Study Program )

“It was a good experience to learn and adopt accounting profession in USA. The faculty was pretty considerate. The program has helped me to grow as an Individual and Professional”

(Charu Garg :Accounting Software Study Program)

“School program and teaching is simply great. It gave me opportunity to build my career into a right direction. Teaching is simply owesome. Teachers are very committed. Environment is very familiar. It is bright place for students. Thanks Realtech for providing me an opportunity to get started”

(Pankita Agarwal: Accounting Software Study Program)

“I can learn, I can make, thanks to Realtech”

(Antonia Zobove: Accounting Software Study Program)

“I got the right training at right time and at right place”

(Mukta Jain : Accounting Software Study Program)

“I came new, read an ad in Newspaper, rush to Realtech school, learn the accounting program and got the accounting job right the way. Magic. I know nothing of accounting before and still able to start an accounting career.  Thanks to the staff at realtech

(Oybek Saidkhanor: Accounting Software Study Program)

“What to do? Joined the Realteach, got training, become certified and got the accounting  job. So short, quick and efficient”
(Ambuj Dinesh : Accounting Software Study Program)

“I always thought accounting a tough career and remained in factory job for 17 years. It could be so easy to learn the way teachers taught at Realtech was out of my imagination. Thanks and thanks to realtech change my career from factory job to office job”

(Pardeep Sehgal Computerized Accounting Program)

“Learning and upgrading accounting skill at Realtech Business School was the best experience and a great opportunity. I am short of words how to really thanks the faculty and school”

(Helen O Neil: Computerized Accounting Program)

“Though in office job, converting to be an accounting profession rewards go to RealTech School and its learned staff”

(Carol Krogstad: Computerized Accounting Program)