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Our programs are covering and matching the needs of several types of students. We would like to discuss some of them:

High School Graduates:
A vast number of students who get High School Diploma, but could not attend the college or other higher education for professional career. They will find our programs less expenses and of short duration and still suitable for professional career. We are the alternate for those who could not attend the costly and lengthy education for professional career.

College Graduates
University or College Graduates seeking accounting career also need training in computerized accounting, accounting software, specialization in software, accounts receivable & accounts payable  process  and concepts. They  will find our programs very suitable. For them to get into accounting job, they also need appropriate training in software or in specialized course to enhance their employment opportunities and quick placements. As our programs are job oriented and training in software those are current in demand, will help them to attract the employers and perform accounting functions efficiently.

Employees doing office jobs
Employees doing office jobs such as Secretarial Staff, Office Admin, Filing Clerk, Data Entry, Office Assistant, Jr. Accountant and Bookkeepers etc some time do not find growth or job security. With our training they can easily divert to accounting career, upgrade their skills and can grow fast, and can keep their job secure.

Employees Working in Accounting Careers/Corporate Staff
Our programs are good for several accounting staff. Several accounting staff members are not able to explore, use and perform accounting functions efficiently due to lack of training in computerized accounting or specialized training. Companies are serious concerned about their performance, and wish them to have more advanced and specialized training. Training to such employees will not only enhance their efficiency but will also open the doors for advancement and promotions.

CPA Firms
Most of the CPA Firms and their staff is seeking training in current technology and software. CPA firms have diversified types of clients and  for them they have to demonstrate a high level of accuracy. Perform in computerized accounting and software is highly desired duties. Our programs are suitable for the Staff and members of CPA Firms.

Employees Doing Odd Jobs
People who working in stores, and are tired of standing and odd hours jobs, working in shifts,  are welcome here. They can get appropriate training and can say good bye to odd jobs. Because our programs are not complicated. Programs are easy to learn and easy to perform. With their interest, determination, decision and with our dedicated training, they can change their career, and can start their new professional career.

People who come from different countries, though they are highly educated & experienced, do not find immediate professional job. Because they do not have experience of US accounting system, and do not have time & money to go for further education. Our programs are the perfect solutions for them. With our training they may find recognition in the accounting job market and will be able to perform accounting functions efficiently into US System.

Small/Home Based Business Owners
Our programs are even suitable for the small business owners, who cannot afford accounting staff rather want to perform accounting functions themselves.

House Wives
Accounting jobs are in variety of modes. Jobs are available for part-time and work from home. Our programs are good for house wives who cannot afford to work as full time, but available for part-time work or can work from home. Our programs can provide such an opportunity to job seekers. After completing the program they can try and apply for such jobs.

Computer Programmers (ERP Professionals)
Most of ERP professionals are technical and very few have functional knowledge. Our programs may be best fit for ERP professionals who are interested in enhance their functional knowledge in accounting.

All Age Groups:
Our programs are good for all ages, colors, sexes, groups & nationalities. All will enjoy and will  find them suitable.