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Employment Opportunities:

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Employment Opportunities for accounting jobs are vast and available all the time. Accounting and Bookkeeping role is so sensitive that all big or small business need this functions to be performed on regular basis. Even smallest business person is seeking accounting help. All businesses small or big need accounting functions.No business can afford to stay without knowing how much it is making or loosing.

The whole business process is divided into several functions such:

Marketing &

Therefore, accounting is an important and integral part of business process. You can manage business, you can market the business but if you do not perform accounting, your first two function will not be result oriented. Or you will never know where you stand. You are loosing or making? Still you may stay and survive in this business but in dark.

So Accounting is not only the integral part of business world rather an utmost important part of the business.

Accounting Functions in any business are needed for certain important results such as:

To record Sales:           For Invoicing                Sales Revenue
To record Bills               For Payments              Total Expenses

These are day to day functions.

To Generate P&L Account                               To Know about profit or Loss
To General Balance Sheet                              To Know the worth of business

These are year end functions.

The targeted results are not so easy as they sound here. To achieve these targets we need real trained professionals who can well understand the concepts and able to perform these functions by using accounting package. Using accounting package without proper training may result in serious errors in accounting results, financial reports and financial statements.

There was a time when accounting was best known for counting such as 2+2=4. But as the business world has expanded accounting has become more systematically, and we have now accounting theories and practical for specific accounting job.

Business World is expanding like universe at a very high rate, so the need of accounting professionals.

If you see on internet or in newspaper “Employment” section you can count on accounting position. Staffing and Temp Agencies are full of accounting positions.

If you talk to any big or small business person he/she will tell you how badly they need accountant and bookkeepers. Finding good bookkeepers or accounting staff is a big need of business people. You can see how many staffing agencies are looking for accounting staff. You can easily find a big list of vacancies and job opportunities with such agencies,as the jobs are not being filled up for want of right trained candidates.

Accounting itself is a vast concept in theory and practice, and at advance level it is also complex limited to properly educated and trained professionals. But at the same time the total accounting function has been segmented in to various components where one can get training without knowing the whole Accounting Subject and be able to perform those functions.

Whenever you see the employment section under accounting you will find several types of position asking expertise in :

- Accounts Receivable
- Accounts Payable
- Payroll
- Bookkeeping
- Data Entry
- Staff Accounting etc.

Newspapers and internet are full of openings on these jobs. Only question is to find trained right professionals. Several placement agencies and temp agencies are always looking for accounting and bookkeeping staff for their clients.

Another important point is that accounting jobs are very secure. Any business cannot afford to loose accounting staff. Accounting staff has all the information about sales, customers, vendors payments, bank deposits, accounts receivable, accounts payable, contacts with customers and vendors, and may have confidential information of the business. It is a serious problem to find an expert and trustworthy person for accounting functions. Not only it is a secured career but very respected also. Just consider if you are accounting and managing business money how important you are for business house.

Thanks for the opportunity to share with you.

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