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Frequently Asked Questions

Is accounting really tough?

Accounting is considered a tough subject for some people. Most of the people co-relate accounting with mathematics. But now a days story is different. Because mathematic calculations are done by Calculator most of the time it is adding and subtractions. Accounting functions are performed by Accounting Softwares. So accounting will not be tough with a right type of program that can cover accounting theories and training in software, because major work will be done by the software.

I do not like accounting, still I should consider accounting career?

Liking of a particular career is key to success and enjoy at job. But before you do not like a career, you should also try to find out the reasons for not liking. Perhaps you may be disliking any career for the reason or reasons which are actually not there. And some time some people pick up a career not they like but for other benefits such as job security, professional environment, job benefits, high salaries, fast growth etc.

I am high school graduate, but still could not decide about my career?

Yes, some young students find themselves at crossing, because choosing a career is not an easy affair. It depends on several factors, how important those are to one, hard to say. Some of the important factors are: Personal liking, opportunities available ,financial growth, promotional opportunities, job stability, fixed income v flexible income, relocation & traveling factor, level of education, availability financial support etc. So to choose the most suitable career that should match with your tastes and sources some time seems hard. Best sources are the self-analysis, parental guidance, career counselor, old teachers, senior friends, career manuals & seminars etc.

I am 0n H4 Visa. Would your programs will help me for professional career?

Your visa status is secondary for getting education. But it is true that if you are educated and trained enough to secure a professional job that meets INS criteria, your H4 visa can be converted to work Visa at the option of employer (Legal discussion of INS laws is beyond of our scope). But if you are otherwise qualified and eligible but not getting a job for lack of necessary training, our programs may be useful, because they are job oriented.

I do not have accounting background, still I can learn your programs? 

Our programs are designed in a way where accounting background is not necessary. Only way that you have to learn how to perform certain accounting function in a computerized accounting environment. Other way that we have an excellent program that also provided basic accounting background as well. We mean to say that we have solutions for the students who do not have accounting background and can still be trained for various accounting & bookkeeping positions.

Is your School is approved by Government?

Yes, we are an approved Private Vocational School in New Jersey.

Would you issue Certificate?

Yes, we issue the certificate for the program completed at our school.

Will you guarantee for job placement?

We do not think that any School or Agency can provide such a guarantee, because no one can control the employer. Job assignments are strictly depends on candidate’s performance and employer’s selection. But employers may consider the reputation of the school, references provided by the school more favorably. School is in a more better position when the employer request candidates from the school or send their openings to school. Apart from this the school provides for employment assistance that includes looking for a suitable job within the resources available with the school. But School will not provide any specific guarantee to any student for job placement.

How much salary I will get after getting training from your School?

This is another question hard to answer. Because salaries are not standardized for accounting staff and secondly School is not authorized to discuss about salary or talk about guarantee of salary. There is a Web site which will be best source to find salary information. Salary of accounting staff depends on several factors: Such as: Level of Education & Training, Responsibilities assigned, Experience attained, Location, Employers’ Budget, Market Rates, Relation with the employer, role and position with the employer, performance rating etc.

What will be class hours?

We have very flexible hours: 9:00 AM To 3:00 PM (Monday-Thursday). 3:00PM-9PM (Monday-Thursday). 9:00 AM-3:00PM (Saturday). Friday & Sunday Closed.

Is it really important to meet career counselor?

Pre-meeting with the Career Counselor is very important for several reasons: To know more details about the program, helpful to select the right program, getting answers for various questions, and more over School also has right to admit only right type of students.

Is School has Train or Bus Service?

The closest NJ Transit Station is Woodbridge Railway Station, about 20 minutes walking distance.

What are the requirements to be successful at training? 

Please Read our article on the topic.

What are the tips to be successful at job?

Please read our article on this topic.

How to attend an interview for accounting position?

Please read our article on this topic.

What are major highways crossing the campus?

Major Highways are route 1 & 9, route 35, NJ Turnpike & Garden State.

What facilities campus has?

Campus has Class rooms for each program, Computer Labs, Cafeteria, Lobby for relax reading & reception area. Saint George Plaza (Shopping Area is walk-able from School Campus)

I do not have the job, can I pay my fees upon getting the job?

School Fee has no relation with the job, they are due as scheduled. But in certain hardship cases at the option of school, school may consider the payment in installments.

Is the campus has handicap access?

Yes, the campus is at ground floor. Students with wheel chair or otherwise can attend the school. But students who  need special care and special facilities should check first about such special facilities because school lacks such facilities.

Disclaimer: Our answers are very general and not the representations of the school and may not be valid in all or some situations. Please use this information keeping in view such limitations.