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Programs of Study

School has variety of programs matching with individuals' levels, goals and tastes. All programs are excellent in one or other way matching with job market. Programs are designed according to market needs and those should be easy to learn for students from different areas and background. Our programs provide students with the opportunity to adopt accounting career, new career, change of career, career growth, expanding employment opportunity, expanding knowledge, skill, increasing capabilities for higher responsibilities. As technology is changing fast and now a days employers are seeking professionals with knowledge of concept, theory and technology, so we have the perfect solutions. With us you will not only learn theory and concepts but also software training. A right type of program may take you at the heights of your career.


Computerized Accounting Specialist

Accounting Software Training Programs

Accounting Specialized Training Programs

Tax Programs

Contact the Career Counselor for the details of the each program, suitability, eligibility and other details.

Minimum Education Required:   High School Diploma

Jobs are available in almost all kinds of industries such as public accounting firms, information technology companies, software development and consulting companies,  service industry, law firms, wholesale, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, transportation, constructions and retail businesses. Jobs are available in small, medium, and big business for variety of accounting functions such as.. Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Bookkeeping, Full charge Bookkeeping, Accounting Services, Staff Accountant, Financial Controller, Full Time/Part Time work from home jobs.


Classes are available during day and evening from Monday to Thursday, during day on Saturday. (Friday & Sunday Closed).


Classes are taken by experienced CPA/Professor.