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Introduction About Accounting Career

Accounting has been essential since earliest of civilization in one or other form. The concept started with simple counting, and has reached to tough and complex world. Accounting was hereditary with business people during ancient times as well. Any trader was supposed to keep account of his business transaction, so every one was developing their own accounting methods ranging from memorizing to writing signs on the wall.

It is said as a story that a rich trader died and his children could not find any money left for them. Latter one day they removed a big shelf and found his accounts and notes receivable written on the wall. That language helped them to recover the notes and were able to lead a rich life.

But as the business world has develop together with management development, accounting process become more complex and specialized. During recent time accounting functions without formal training and education have become almost difficult, though one can still account for his profit and losses. But such accounting will be faulty from several points and one major point is taxation. State and Federal Governments collect taxes on net profits, and net profits so arrived should be according to typical accounting theories. Therefore if some one still be able to account for business transactions without the knowledge of accounting theories, may involve in tax complications by paying more less taxes.

In the current world when businesses are expanding world wide, accounting career is getting into more demand almost every where in all nations. Accounting Concept may differ little country to country but accounting theories are almost same. Therefore accounting is considered a universal skill.

Almost all businesses need accounting help in one or other way. Mid and Big sizes businesses need variety of accounting helps.

Therefore, accounting career has become one of the most picked up careers.

Certain Features in favor accounting careers:

  1. Vast Job Market.: As explained accounting has vast job market in USA and all over the world. The most suitable career to universal type people.
  2. Secured Career: Accounting is very secured career. No business wants to terminate his trustworthy accountant. Accountants look after accounts receivables, accounts payable, have all confidential information, trade secretes, accounting and financial information, so who can afford to lose theme.
  3. Job Opportunities: One can find lot of job opportunities in different kind of businesses and industries. One can pick up one of his/her choice and can grow accordingly. One can choose to work in Service Industry other can Wholesale business or manufacturing etc.
  4. Fast Growing Career: With one’s experience and expansion in skill, one can grow fast with the same employer or new employer. With more experience and trustworthiness one can put more stake on his or her contribution. Accounting staff has direct knowledge of business growth and trends, he or she can easily correlate their contribution into business growth and can put their stakes. Not only this business people always want to keep happy and satisfy their accounting staff.
  5. Easy to Learn:  Accounting is considered a tough and boring subject to some people, but no more. Due to invention of technology and software developments, performing accounting functions at entry or intermediate level are easy and interesting. Only one has to be trained in concepts and practical. Such skill can be acquired by variety of short term programs and experience.
  6. Variety of Segmentations: By virtue of time and development of new concepts, accounting has been divided into various segments and specializations. So instead of master of whole accounting one can pick up one segment of his or her interest, and can develop accounting skill in the particular segment be specialized.
  7. Easy to Perform: Accounting functions were also considered difficult to perform due to double entry system, matching concepts and other complex accounting theories. But no more at entry and intermediate level, because by using accounting software which calculate entries itself and reports are generated automatically, the accounting functions have become easy to perform.
  8. Training & Education: There are lots of training and education sources available to match the individual budget and time. Accounting training and education is available at all Colleges, Schools, Universities where students are seeking undergraduate or graduate degrees. Other places are Private Technical Schools those are more for specific specialization certificate training programs, training is also available at corporate level and or through private tutoring.
  9. Training and Education is less expensive: Compare to several other careers, training and education is also less expensive that can easily match with individual budget.
  10. Highly promotional Career: Accounting is highly promotional career. People can start from entry level position. With experience and dedication one can be a staff accountant or financial control at a fast speed.
  11. Good Starting Salary: The starting salary in accounting career is very moderate as compare to several store jobs and entry level jobs in other careers.
  12. Office Environment: Accounting jobs are mostly during normal business hours, that is 9 to 5, Saturday-Sunday close with all company’s benefits. Jobs are available on part-time basis and work from home basis also.
  13. Variety of Positions: Accounting has variety of position available suitable for individual education, training, experience and knowledge etc. Some positions are: Bookkeeper, Full Charge Bookkeeper, Accounts Payable Specialist, Accounts Payable Clerk, Accounts Receivable Specialist, Accounts Receivable Clerk, Accounting Assistant, Jr. Accountant, Sr. Accountant, Staff Accountant, Payroll Accountant, Payroll Clerk, Payroll Assistant, Auditor, Sr. Auditor, Chief Auditor, Audit Clerk, Audit Assistant, Financial Assistance, Financial Controller etc.
  14. Variety of Subjects: In accounting we have variety of subjects matching level of skills, such as: Elementary Accounting, Intermediate Accounting, Advanced Accounting, Corporate Accounting, Partnership Accounting, Consignment Accounting, International Accounting, Tax Accounting, Cost Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Auditing etc.

The scope to introduce an accounting career in this article is very limited. We have tried our best to introduced certain features of accounting career at very basic level. One has to explore a lot and compare before selecting a career.

With Best Wishes.

Courtesy From Staff Of:
RealTech Business School.